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Surprise them with Success

White Structure
White Structure

Who We Are

We utilize one of the most classic forms of sales known as direct marketing. Using face to face sales it allows us to have specific conversations with all of our customers and relate to them on a personal level with integrity and passion as though we are marketing our own brand.

What We Do

Royal Sapphire was founded in 2022 and is an emerging sales and marketing company that services Westchester county. We believe that with the right people focusing on their strengths, while having a great student mentality we can achieve anything we want. 

How We Do It

By sticking to our values of consistency, mastery, integrity, and vision, we are able to produce consistent results for our clients while keeping our customers happy giving us the ability to grow into different markets  .

Our Mission 

Our mission at Royal Sapphire is to help our clients reach goals that they never thought would be possible. We want to do this while also providing an opportunity for our team members to build their futures.

We focus on our teams natural talents and develop their leadership abilities, systems while providing a fun atmosphere allowing our team to create a wonderful mix of personal development as well as giving professional results that exceed not just their but the clients expectations.


Core Values



We want our team to have follow- through in everything that they do. We focus on creating a plan to achieve goals, while nurturing a strong mentality to keep pushing to achieve those goals no matter what uncontrollable may show up. 



As a team we want to treat everyone with respect. We firmly believe in doing the right thing and not only when someone is watching.



Unity is all about working together with a shared goal in mind. No matter the size of the goal we believe that if we want to go far we must go together.



The beauty of growth relies on VISION. It is very important to have vision as a core value here at Royal Sapphire. We believe that it is not always about how you are going to get to your goal; but to be able to describe vividly how that goal makes you feel, from there you have now painted the picture so clearly for yourself that your determination kicks in for you to achieve it.

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